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Even when Microsoft appears to have given up, two smartphone manufacturers at IFA 2017 surprised everyone when they announced new Windows Phones. Phone maker Wileyfox admitted that they are still interested in Windows Phone because of its security.

If you believe Wileyfox did a mistake by launching a Windows 10 smartphone in 2017 then you are wrong. As it was Microsoft who helped the small company to launch the new smartphone with Windows 10.

Wileyfox has no plans to target the consumers with its new phone, they want to focus on the enterprises who have no budget to buy an expensive iPhone.

Wileyfox claims that ‘things aren’t that bad’, hinting that Microsoft still believes in mobiles. Despite Microsoft don’t have a proper strategy, they are still interested in Windows Phone. Wileyfox goes on praising the Redmond giant and says that Microsoft is the best partner it ever worked with.

Not only Microsoft, Vodafone Group is also going to support Wileyfox. The report claims that Vodafone Group is internally testing the Wileyfox’s Windows Phones. Vodafone could soon switch to Microsoft’s mobile platform if everything goes well. Do you think Microsoft is still interested in Windows Phones?

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