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Apple is trying to rule the smartphone market while the Redmond-based Microsoft has given up all hopes on its Windows Phone. Microsoft is, however, testing Surface Phone and the new version of Windows 10 on Mobile. It seems mobile is no longer a priority for both Microsoft and Apple as they believe that the traditional smartphones are dead.

Microsoft tech guru Alex Kipman recently explained that the mixed-reality devices like HoloLens may soon replace the smartphones that we use today. Microsoft may make phones again one day, but it may not look like the other phones out in the market.

Alex Kipman, the Inventor of Microsoft’s holographic headset HoloLens told Bloomberg that “smartphones are yesterday’s news, the phone is already dead, but people just haven’t realized.”

“The potential of these devices is that they could one day replace your phones, TVs, and all these screens. Once your apps, videos, information, and even social life are projected into your line of sight, you won’t need any other screen-based gadgetry,” he said. Microsoft has also replaced mobile with augmented reality (AR) on its list of priorities.

The Windows Insider chief, Dona Sarkar has also admitted that HoloLens is also a mobile device and she believes that Mixed-reality device could replace the traditional smartphones. “Let’s talk about what mobile means … people think about mobile as this thing that they carry around in their pocket … I love my 950 XL … but that is not the only mobile device on the planet. HoloLens is a mobile device … There are going to be new device categories in the future that are also going to be mobile devices. It will be about things you carry with you everywhere you go. And as humans it is actually very unnatural for us to stare at a screen … this has only been around for the last 10 years … it makes us antisocial, it makes us not behave the way humans do, she told Windows Central.

Apple is still exploring the new world, just like Microsoft, the company is also focusing on AR. Apple is looking for a headset that is innovative, the company is testing the smartglasses with a 3D camera. Just like HoloLens, Apple also wants to project the AR content on the real environment.

Apple is still far behind than Microsoft. Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook has also praised AR and described it as a core technology. Apple wants its smartglass to be independent from its iPhone and this is delaying the project.

Apple may launch the smartglasses as early as 2018 and even Microsoft is also said to be working HoloLens Version 2.0. Microsoft and Apple have constantly indicated a serious interest in augmented reality, both tech giants are betting on Augmented Reality being the next big thing. Do you think the traditional smartphones are dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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