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Microsoft is still struggling with its mobile operating system, Windows 10 Mobile. While on other hand, Apple and Google have slowly started copying some of Window 10 Mobile’s best features. A confirmed report recently revealed that Apple’s next iPhone may come with the double tap to wake up and Windows Hello like face unlock feature.

Google is also planning to copy Windows 10 Mobile default browser’s interface. Microsoft Edge has a¬†user friendly interface on Windows 10 Mobile, thanks to the bottom position of the address bar. Microsoft, however, wanted to put the address bar on the top of the screen but the feedback from users changed the company’s decision.

“When we designed the new user interface for Microsoft Edge on the phone, we decided to go with a look that was more consistent with the PC version and with other mobile browsers. The address bar was on the top of the screen, and the toolbar was on the bottom. We thought users would find this more familiar and comfortable, and while that may still be true for some users, we heard the feedback loud and clear from our faithful fans who were previously users of Internet Explorer for Windows Phone. You like the address bar on the bottom, and for many of you, it was a key reason you preferred Windows Phone over the competition. It was a fair bit of work, but we moved it back to the bottom quickly as we could before the public release,” says Microsoft.

Google is beta testing the new UI for Chrome browser. The browser will copy Microsoft Edge’s address bar position. Since the beginning, Google Chrome has the address bar on the top of the screen.

Google Chrome new UI vs Microsoft Edge

However, this will change as the company will bring the address bar to the bottom of the screen. The interface would look like Windows Phone’s Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

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