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When we look at Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system for smartphones it had many unique features that were not present on the other rival smartphone OS like Android, iOS etc. The first and the foremost was the beautiful user interface of the OS, the Start Screen with Live Tiles giving you information by just having a glance at it.

During all these years when Windows Phone development was active, there were great hardware and software features like the continuum, IR scanner, Double Tap to Wake, Living images, Nokia Camera app interface and a full system wise dark mode and much more. Various companies have introduced similar features that were either copied with a different branding or were inspired by them.

Last week we had reported that Apple is planning to use the Iris-scanner on the upcoming iPhone 8. Now it looks the upcoming iPhones will be using another cool feature of Windows Phones “Double Tap to Wake”. The iPhone would support phone unlocking by “tap to wake” named feature.

Living images of Windows Phones has already been copied by iOS with “Live Photo” naming a couple of years ago. It’s really sad to see a good OS not being able to survive in front of the app gap problem and now looks to be dying. We hope good future for this beautiful OS and that Microsoft would somehow able to bridge the app gap.

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