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Microsoft’s apps are way better on PCs than Mobile. However, things might change soon, as Microsoft is getting ready to launch the new version of first-party apps for Windows 10 Mobile, starting with the Photos app. A couple of weeks ago, a Italian blog shared the screenshots of new Photos app for Windows 10 Mobile.

They have now posted a video that shows Windows 10 Mobile running the new version of Photos app. Microsoft is basically porting the PC version of Photos app to Mobile and it also brings all the key features.

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The photos app interface has been revamped and it has a new layout similar to the PC version. The homepage now has three sections; Collections, Albums and Folders. The collection section has all photos, you can also organise the images and they will appear under albums. While on other hand, the folders section lets you browse the images stored on your phone.

The three dots beside the folder section lets you create a new album, refresh the page and as well as open the settings page. Another great addition to the app is the new editing tool.

You can add special effects to the images, options like Sauna, Neo, Slate, Rouge etc are available. Similarly, you can change the contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows. Furthermore, users can also adjust the hue and intensity values. Microsoft has also added the ability to draw, write texts on the photos.

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The CShell on Windows 10 Mobile will bring similar changes to all UWP apps. Start Screen, Action Center will also get a new interface and features. It remains to be seen whether Windows 10 Mobile will get the new Photos app or not. What do you think about the new Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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