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Former Apple executive wrote an article and analysed why Windows Phone failed. In the detailed analysis, Jean-Louis Gassée, former Apple executive blamed Microsoft for Windows Phone’s death. According to him, Microsoft could have avoided the mistakes but they continued with the same strategy.

In 2010, Jean-Louis Gassée joined Nokia as the company’s adviser. He wanted Nokia to fire CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and adopt Android on their upcoming phones. However, Nokia didn’t take his advice and decided to go with Stephen Elop. Later Nokia launched the Windows Phone smartphones instead.

Many blame Android for the death of Windows Phone but Gassee believes Microsoft could have avoided the Windows Phone’s death if they had made the OS free for all OEMs. Google did the right thing and Android is now a successful mobile platform.

“While Microsoft treated the emerging mobile devices as a sideshow, Google and Apple forged ahead with modern operating systems that ran circles around Windows Mobile, itself a Windows CE descendant,” he wrote.

Windows Phone’s failure was avoidable if Microsoft had changed its strategy. Windows Phone was already dying back in 2012, the OS, however, became modern but it was too late, he explains.

He also blames Microsoft’s focus on PC. Microsoft has always been ruling the desktop market but as the focus never shifted from PC, Windows Phone couldn’t grow.

“For a long time, Microsoft’s orthodoxy placed the PC at the center of the world. When smartphones took center stage, the company’s propaganda censured talk of a Post-PC world. Smartphones and tablets were mere ‘companion devices,” he writes.

Today, Microsoft has abandoned Windows Phone while Nokia is developing phones for Android. The rumour has it that Microsoft is planning another Windows Phone reboot that could be announced in 2018.

  • No BS

    It certainly doesn’t take a genius to figure out that is was Microcrap’s lack of support and piss on the users attitude that screwed Windows Phone.

    Now they have painted themselves into a corner because even WP fans while hesitate to by a new Microcrap Phone since they fear that the clueless bean counters will drop it if it doesn’t make a huge profit the first couple of months.

    • Gn Re

      You bring it to the point with a few words.

  • Daniel Ström

    WP was free for other OEM so that cause don´t count. Perhaps HMD will make Lumias? The boss goes from HDM because of something. Next week Microsoft sells more patents to HMD even the camera gui?!?! So this could be two thing Microsoft will NEVER do a phone again or HMD will build something for them. I think the Microsoft brand for phones was wrong. It was stupid to go away from Nokia branding. They should kept the name Nokia on phones + Lumia.

  • abc

    They might as well Kill it now… ! No point giving hope to windows phone 10 users that there is a future. I haven’t seen a new phone released in like a billion years , and I don’t see what new features are coming in latest windows phone 10 !

    If you are not serious about something, don’t do it at all !

  • M Rankin

    poor strategy/ to many stop a go
    1 one make great have high to mid phone think about OS later wp 7 to 8 (setting menu/background image)
    2 switch to low/mid range phone strategy it worked sweet now let kill that and start all with w10 mobile.
    3 lets put out a not ready os and stop make stop doing the strategy on wp 8.1 that was working
    4 get w10 mobile ready….done now what go back to 2 with uwp as solid goal :) no :( lets do retrenchment strategy. THE END