Adobe has today announced in a blog post that they will be retiring their Adobe Flash player plugins at the end of 2020. And Microsoft has also announced their timeline for how they will bring down the Adobe Flash from their browser Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft said that they will phase out their support for Flash in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer before 2020 and after that, users would have an option to enable it until the end of 2020 when Microsoft would remove it entirely.

This is what Microsoft’s Timeline is for Flash in Edge Browser:

  • Microsoft has already turned off Flash on Edge browser by default( since Creators Update) with a Click-to-Run for Flash pop-up to ask for permission every time a web page has flash content to enable it. Flash will be like this on Edge untill 2018 while Internet Explorer will continue to allow Flash.
  • In mid to late 2018, Microsoft Edge would require flash permission for each session.
  • In mid to late 2019, Flash will be turned off by default in both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer with an option re-enable Flash.
  • By the end of 2020, Adobe Flash will be turned off entirely in Edge and IE across all supported versions of Microsoft Windows.

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