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Earlier we have reported that LinkedIn users have received email stating the Professional network application will be removed from the Windows Store very soon. However Microsoft later clarified that the email was mistakenly sent and that they currently have no plans to remove the application.

But now some users have reported that the Microsoft owned LinkedIn app is no longer available for download in the Windows Store. The company had removed the outdated LinkedIn App from the Store.

The LinkedIn app is no longer available for download either via search, app link or Store Library page. The removal of the LinkedIn app could be a first step by Microsoft to remove Silverlight apps from its Store as was reported earlier.

Microsoft which is planning to release a new Smartphone by end of this  year with a new Software and Hardware is now concentrating on putting its resources in building Universal Windows apps and remove or retire the old Silverlight apps.

However the Windows Phone users will still be able to access the LinkedIn app via the Edge browser and now also will be able to pin the app to the start screen which shows the logo of the actual app rather than the Edge logo.