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Its a known fact that Windows Phone as a platform has been collapsing way too quickly to the liking of the company and its users. A new forecast from the analyst company IDC estimates that the Windows Phone Market Share would decline to 0% by 2021.

Currently the Windows Phone holds on to just 0.1 percent of the market share which is definitely not what the company would have wanted when it entered the Phone Business.

IDC also estimates that the Redmond Giant is expected to sell 1.1 million phones this year a drop of 80.9 percent compared to same time last year. The Windows Phone platform lacks a new hardware and more developer support for it to actually stay in the market.

As has been rumoured earlier Microsoft is in plans of a Mobile overhaul and is expected to launch a new Windows Phone by end of this year. We have had many reports coming in of the Photo and Video leaks of the much rumoured “Surface Phone”.

Will the Surface Phone and the Mobile Overhaul will help in increasing the Market share of the Windows Platform only time is a better judge. But in the current scenario the prediction of IDC might just come true with Windows platform market share to reach a 0% point in next 4 years unless Microsoft comes with something refreshing to win consumers.