Coship Moly X. (Image Courtesy: Moly).

At Mobile World Congress 2015 trade show, Microsoft has announced that the China-based Coship Mobile would be the new hardware partner for Windows Phone. Moly has launched few smartphones running on Windows 10 Mobile and the company has been supported by Microsoft.

Moly is now planning to launch a new smartphone and it is going to be interesting. Moly has revealed that the company may launch a new phone and it will dual boot Windows 10 (Mobile) and Android.

When a user asked Moly if they have any plan to launch a new Windows Phone. Moly said, “Yes, we are planning to launch a smartphone with dual OS, Windows 10 plus Android.” However, no other details of the smartphone has been revealed yet.

The smartphone may lack Google services as it is against Google’s TOS to dual boot two operating system. Moly is also planning to sell Windows Phones in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia.