new Windows 10 Mobile concept
Image Courtesy: MAH Studio /

Windows 10 Mobile may be dead for Microsoft but there are still many Windows Phone enthusiast who couldn’t stop dreaming a better design for Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft is currently busy with Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update. Meanwhile, a new Windows 10 Mobile concept has been published by MAH Studio and it looks absolutely stunning.

The concept is based on Project NEON – It is reportedely the next design langauge for Windows 10. The concept shows a Windows 10 Mobile powered Nokia device with some awesome design changes. It has some unique features like face-tracked related images, contextual Cortana and revamped widgets panel.

The action center has got blur touch. Futhermore, now there is a three-finger task switching feature. The other changes include extra large tiles, perspective start, live splash, people bar, related pics, cortana everywhere and fluid animations.

Windows 10 Mobile is currently going through a tough time. Microsoft has ditched many Windows Phone from receiving Redstone 3 Update. Microsoft’s Build 2017 Event is near and we are expecting Microsoft to mention about Windows 10 on Mobile in event.


    Shame is only a concept and that the app gap and lack Microsoft dedication is still major issue.

  • გოგიტა კუპატაძე

    It’s redstone 3?

  • Richie B

    It looks great!

  • eternal

    This action center looks like an Android
    Why should we change something great to look like something 90% of the users already have?
    Just get a real Android then