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With the dates for the Creators Update roll out for PCs becoming official, the Mobile users were left without a date. Microsoft promised to push the Creators Update for phones after they complete updating the PCs but no exact date was revealed. But that game of waiting ends now, as Microsoft has confirmed the date for the update to roll out for Windows Phones.

In a blog post, Microsoft has detailed their rollout plans for the Creators Update. While the PC rollout will start from April 11, phones will start getting the update on April 25. That’s not a long wait and with a confirmed date, users can be prepared in advance.

The Creators Update for Windows Phones brings nothing substantial. There are no such exciting features which like the Anniversary Update, but there will be a lot of under-hood improvements. Edge will get EPUB support and a few fixes, Cortana will also get some new features but they will not be available for most of the users living outside a select few countries. There will be a few UI improvements in some of the stock apps and the Settings menu will get a bit more organized.


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