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Yesterday, Apple announced that they will not upgrading Mac Pro this year. However they are working on a new Mac Pro which will arrive next year. But the most interesting information they announced fir Mac Business.

According to company there are about 100 million active users running Mac devices. In another hand Windows 10 have 400 million active users. This compression make Windows 10, 4 time more popular than Mac devices. Wooh hoo!

Here take a note that, Microsoft announced the 400 million active users back in September 2016. So, it’s been around 8 months. Over the past 7 months, we’ve seen many new Windows 10 devices. Although growth of OS, is not much. But still it’s proud moment for Windows users.

But all this things aside, the Windows 7 is still dominant. Windows 7 still claims nearly 50% of the desktop market share, making the OS twice as more popular than Windows 10. But mostly all Windows 7 users are enterprises.

Talking about future, then we believe that the Apple will introduce a new iMac this year, but Microsoft is expected to introduce 2 new Surface Product this year. So of course the number of Windows 10 users will increase more, and maybe one day it will be more than Windows 7.

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