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With reports of a new Surface Book floating around, Microsoft fans were expecting some new devices this year. With a Surface event set in the Spring, the hopes for new devices were pretty high. Thanks to a new report, the hopes are now dashed.

According to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, Microsoft will not reveal the new Surface Book this spring. Neither will they reveal a new Surface Pro 5. That’s quite a blow to the Surface fans, since the Surface Pro really needs a refresh now. With other OEMs stepping up the game, Microsoft should also announce new Surface devices to compete.

It is clear that Microsoft has something up their sleeves for the event. Will it be the much hyped Surface Phone, or an entirely new Surface device? A Surface laptop, maybe? Nothing can be foretold now. The Surface team is know to announce new devices without any prior indication. Remember the Surface Book and the Surface Studio?

Whatever may be the case, we can only watch and wait. If there’s a new leak or development, you’ll hear it from us. So keep checking here everyday!

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