Microsoft today announced their financials for the FY Q2 2017. Microsoft in the declaration revealed that their Phone Revenue had gone down by a massive 81% YoY which is far more than that of last quarter of 2015.

After the declaration by Microsoft that it will no longer produce Lumia Handsets, the sales of the Devices has not even reached 1 million. The company had handed the Mobile Division to other OEM’s like HP and Alcatel, which also has not impacted in increasing the Market share of the Lumia Devices

Microsoft in other info reveals that the Phone revenue has gone down to 81% meaning it has not been able to sell even 1 million devices due to its already low market share compared to Android and iOS.

Microsoft is currently rumoured to be working on an “Ultimate Device” which the company feels will make an end to its low market share by bringing full Windows 10 to the device in the size of the Smartphone.