Windows 11

Announced on June 24, Windows 11 is a new operating system and here’s everything you need to know.

Enable File Explorer tabs in Windows 11 22H2

How to enable tabs in File Explorer on Windows 11 22H2

When Microsoft released Windows 11 22H2 in the Release Preview Channel, there was a lot to get excited about. The update brought back support for missing features like the drag and...
Windows 11 KB5014697

Windows 11 KB5014697 hands on: What’s new and improved

Windows 11 KB5014697 is a big update for the operating system with a couple of new features. This update brings support for Windows Spotlight and improvements to Windows Widgets, and more....

Windows 11 22H2 gets File Explorer tabs via KB5014770

Windows 11 KB5014770 (Build 22621.160) is now rolling out to users in the Beta Channel and it's the first cumulative preview update for version 22H2 with a few new features, including...
Windows 11 Search Bar update

Microsoft is adding a Windows 10-like search bar to Windows 11 taskbar

With Windows Search, finding a specific app or file isn't really challenging. Of course, Windows Search on Windows 11 and Windows 11 can be buggy and return inaccurate results, but it's...
Windows 11 Notepad performance

Windows 11’s new Notepad is apparently slower than the original Win32 app

Microsoft apparently made the refreshed Notepad available for all Windows 11 users a few weeks ago after testing it with a limited set of users. The new Notepad matches the refreshed...
Windows 11 new Search

Nvidia and AMD drivers for Windows 11 22H2 are now under testing

Windows 11 22H2 has been finalized and Microsoft has officially declared Build 22621 as the RTM (release to manufacturers). This is the first big update to the operating system since its...
Windows 11 22H2 on unsupported

Microsoft: Avoid Windows 11 22H2 accidentally released on unsupported PCs

Windows 11 22H2, which is the first major update for the operating system, was recently released for those in the Release Preview Channel. While the update has already reached the RTM...
Windows 11 Build 25136

Windows 11 Build 25136 brings tabs to File Explorer and more

Windows 11 Build 25136 is now available to users in the Dev Channel with a new File Explorer featuring tabs and other functionalities. Although Microsoft insists Build 25136 is not tied...
Windows 11 22H2 unsupported PC

Microsoft accidentally releases Windows 11 for unsupported PCs

With the release of Windows 11 22H2 around the corner, the tech giant continues to push the hardware requirements it announced last year, seemingly confirming that it still does not plan...
Windows 11 22H2 public

Windows 11 22H2 fall 2022 update is now being readied for public release

Windows 11 22H2 has entered the final stage of testing, with the new version of the operating system expected to be rolled out widely by October. Today, Microsoft has approved the...

Windows 11

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