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Social media giant Facebook recently announced that it will stop supporting Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger applications for Windows Phone in 2019. Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile has already been pulled for Windows Phones and it looks WhatsApp is also on the list.

WhatsApp has always remained committed to its Windows Phone initiative and the updates are rolled out to the platform every few months with all important improvements.

In an updated blog, Facebook announced that it also plans to retire WhatsApp for Windows Phone and the application will stop working on all versions of Windows mobile after December 31, 2019. As there is no third-party alternative to WhatsApp, the users would have to move to a supported platform like Android and iOS to continue using the service.

At the moment, WhatsApp only supports Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile versions. Support for Windows Phone 8 and 7 have already ended.

Facebook’s decision to end support for WhatsApp is hardly surprising given the Windows 10 Mobile will stop receiving updates from Microsoft after 2019.

The phones with Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update will lose support in June and the last standing force of Microsoft’s mobile hardware will also stop receiving software updates after December 2019.

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