Lenovo foldable
Image Courtesy: AndroidAuthority

Back in 2017, Lenovo applied for a US patent for a foldable, flexible laptop device that would apparently run on Windows 10. The patent for an interesting laptop-sized device with a virtual keyboard and flexible body details how Lenovo is approaching the market with the new technology.

Spotted by us, the patent titled ‘DEVICE WITH FOLDABLE DISPLAY’ was filed by Lenovo back in June 2017 and published by USPTO on January 10, 2019. The patent application concerns with designing of a 2-in-1 device that features a flexible display and a bendy device that resembles a foldable device concept.

Lenovo flex patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO

In the background section of the patent, Lenovo writes that a laptop, or notebook, computing device can have a display housing with a display and a keyboard housing with a keyboard where a hinge assembly couples the two housings, for example, along a lower edge of the display housing and a back edge of the keyboard housing.

Lenovo foldable patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO

In the summary section of the patent application, Lenovo has highlighted the method required to function the foldable device:

“A device can include a folding case that includes a fold region that defines a first portion and a second portion of the folding case; a housing disposed on the first portion of the folding case where the housing includes a processor, memory operatively coupled to the processor, and a keyboard operatively coupled to the processor; and a flexible display operatively coupled to the processor and disposed in part on the first portion of the folding case and disposed in part on the second portion of the folding case,” Lenovo explains.

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