Surface Andromeda
A concept of Andromeda by David Breyer

Microsoft is reportedly working on Windows Core OS, a modular version of the operating system which is supposed to run on all form factors ranging from dual-screen devices to full-fledged desktop and HoloLens. It’s also supposed to power Microsoft’s Surface Andromeda which is a device that made the rounds several times in the previous leaks.

A new discovery by Italian blog ALumia claims that Microsoft has already started developing apps for Windows Core OS. The new apps are reportedly designed to run on devices powered by Windows Core OS.

At the moment, the developers are allowed to create apps and games that are designed to run on any of the following platforms.

  • Windows.Desktop: The application can only be installed on PCs and tablets.
  • Windows.Mobile: The application can be installed only on Windows 10 Mobile (Windows.Mobile is to be considered nowadays obsolete and practically unused).
  • Windows.Team: The application can be installed only on Surface Hub.
  • Windows.Xbox: The application can only be installed on an Xbox console.
  • Windows.Universal: The application can be installed on all the devices listed above.


According to the report, the Dev Center which is a platform created by Microsoft for uploading digital content has recently been updated to allow select developers to load Windows Core OS apps.

The rumour has it that Andromeda will be able to run all UWP apps but at the same time, Microsoft is working on dedicated Andromeda apps with enhanced features supported by the dual-screen device.

Recently, the alleged language packs were published on the Microsoft Store confirming telephony features. It’s likely that Microsoft’s AndromedaOS (mobile composer) would boast phone capabilities as well as a call recording features.

  • Matthew

    You forgot one: Windows.Holographic. There is also Windows.IoT, but that isn’t really Store stuff.

    You say the rumored Andromeda device will be able to run “all” UWP apps? I can see how, like the ability of W10M devices to run old Windows Phone apps, it would make sense for an Andromeda device to be able to run Windows.Desktop and probably Windows.Mobile (if there are any left by then that Andromeda device users would want to use) apps. Windows.Team and Windows.Holographic though? That doesn’t make any sense at all. Apps exclusive to those device categories will be designed for user experiences and device capabilities that Andromeda won’t have.

    • YeahRrright

      There’s only one slight issue. Andromeda will never see the light of day. Cause MSFT can’t deliver the perfect user experience at release, cause they forgot what quality control is.

      • dayula

        I bet you felt good after that below the belt punch you just gave MSFT.
        There’s only one slight issue with your below the belt kick… MSFT Mkt Cap is
        812.14B as of 08:48AM CST.

        • YeahRrright

          SO maybe they can spend some of that dough on quality control to avoid the update fiasco they had ON EVERY feature update for the last 2 years.

      • WPJ

        They didn’t “forget”, they simply fired half of their QA team a while back.