Microsoft Andromeda with stylus

At October 2nd event, Microsoft unveiled new devices including the Surface Headphones but the company’s rumoured Andromeda dual-screen isn’t here yet. Microsoft’s chief product designer Panos Panay recently revealed that a pocketable Surface device is his baby and his statement suggested that the project is in the works.

Some Andromeda references were recently discovered in new language packs explicitly made for AndromedaOS and Microsoft watcher WalkingCat has now come across more such clues.

According to Walking Cat, “most of the Andromeda built-in apps and the CShell components have one string resource: “Placeholder”, most interestingly, the Desktop Composer has this text: “PlaceHolder for Phone Composer”.

AndromedaOS reference

There’s also a mention of Windows.UI.ViewManagement.SystemTray which appears to be referring to the CShell version of SystemTray on the Phones. The SystemTray is basically the status bar that is also available on Windows Phones.

Andromeda could be an ARM64 device

The hal.inf_loc file in Andromeda driverstore suggests that the AndromedaOS would power the ARM64 devices. It’s also possible that Microsoft’s dual-screen Windows 10 device will be based on ARM64.

Microsoft Andromeda sides

The references discovered in language pack indicates that Andromeda devices would also work as phones.

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