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Yesterday, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published yet another patent application from Microsoft that reveals a foldable dual-screen device featuring hinge and magnetic lock. The patent looks identical to the one published back in February 2018 but there are some noticeable changes in the document.

First discovered by us, a patent titled “Magnetic block locking of an electronic device” was published by USPTO on September 4 and it was filed by Microsoft in September 2019. The patent is about a device featuring two screens and hinge.

The patented device features a¬†magnetically attractable arrangement within or on the second portion. It’s a magnetic block that would help the device take the form of a booklet.

Microsoft has explained the patent method below:

“An electronic device comprising a first portion and a second portion pivotably connected to each other is disclosed. The electronic device is pivotable between a closed position and an open position. The device comprises a magnetically attractable arrangement within or on the second portion and a magnetic arrangement comprising a magnet having a magnetic field and a magnetic shielding element disposed within or on the first portion. At least one of the magnet or the magnetic shielding element is configured to move translationally with respect to the other between a shielded position and an engaging position when the first portion is pivoted with respect to the second portion. In the shielded position, the magnetic shielding element at least partially reduces a portion of the magnetic field extending outside of the first portion. In the engaging position, the magnet engages the magnetically attractable arrangement”.

Microsoft foldable devices
Image Courtesy: USPTO

In the detailed description section of the patent, Microsoft has clearly mentioned that the patent is for a foldable device.

“The electronic device may be pivotable, so that the first portion may be pivoted with respect to the second portion. In this embodiment, the electronic device is foldable,” the patent application reads.

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