Surface Andromeda
A concept of Andromeda by David Breyer

Microsoft is believed to be working on a new dual-screen device under the Surface brand and while the device is supposed to make calls, it won’t be a traditional smartphone. Microsoft’s Surface Phone was supposed to be a Windows Phone and the company cancelled the idea a while ago.

Andromeda, on the other hand, is a dual-screen device and has nothing to do with so-called Surface Phone.

The news portal WIRED got the chance to interview Panay ahead of the Surface Go’s launch, and the interviewer asked him if Microsoft will ever make a Surface Phone. Panos answered the question and discussed how new form factors is adapting to users.

It appears that the new form factors that the Redmond-based tech giant is currently developing would not include a Surface “Phone”.

“Well, I would not say that that includes a Surface Phone,” Panos Panay said in an interview.

Microsoft is rumoured to be working on Surface Andromeda

Andromeda is the codename of Microsoft’s dual-screen device and it was one of the most anticipated product releases of the year, but the software giant has reportedly postponed the launch until at least early 2019.

According to the latest reports, the company does not want to retire Andromeda entirely. Microsoft will re-work the hardware and software of Andromeda. Microsoft will continue to work on it until the company obtains a more compelling mix that would help Andromeda align with the idea behind the Surface brand.

Pushing back the device to next year is a good move from Microsoft and it should help the company in the near future as the chipmaker is reportedly working on next-generation processors for Windows 10 on ARM. There were rumours that Snapdragon 1000 could be released later this year and it’s specifically designed for Windows 10 ARM.

  • This is becoming ridiculous.. every day articles about something that does not exist. :)

    • JohnW

      The problem is they are developing something they don’t want to talk about which inevitably leads to speculation.

      • Mayank Parmar

        Yep. They should come out and develop Andromeda openly. Just like HoloLens.

        • WPJ

          Maybe eternal is right. He or she just doesn’t want to share any other details besides saying the project was cancelled.

          • JohnW

            I very much get the impression that the project is alive and running very (2020+) late. I also get the impression that the device is not a phone but includes a 4G modem.
            If we see a phone it will be made by someone else and run Android, but that probably won’t happen until someone hits Google with a big stick and forces them to unbundle Play Services.

        • JohnW

          The implication is that they have something new that cannot adequately be defended by patents. Possibly also something that relies on technology that is running late. Maybe we need to start trawling sci-fi communicators as these would fit the brief of being new but unpatentable.

  • WPJ

    It’s around the 28 minute mark that he’s asked that question. Basically the takeaway is that the future is not at all bright. He talks a lot about how mobile devices are going to siphon every piece of data from us all with the “noble” goal of “getting out of the way” and empowering people I presume. But looking at the present state of things I wouldn’t call this intrusion of privacy great. People are already building projects to put the control back in your hands. Like the eelo project which is Android stripped of all of its nasty parts.

    The other part why I don’t think that the future is all that bright even though he suggests it is, is because we really don’t have much of a competition in mobile. The corporations only care about your money. Unless there’s competition there’s no need to put money into R&D. So they’ll be taking your money today and tomorrow, until there’s a strong incentive for them to move forward and only after that things change. But Apple and Google and Microsoft are pretty happy to just rehash old ideas because nobody can enter the arena and challenge them. They’ve seen to maintaining the status quo instead of promoting innovation and bright future that they boast so much about. The future that is really human-centered. Not corporation-centered. Not collecting-user-data-and-selling-it centered. They also bark a lot about “AI” this and “AI” that, but this AI is just a minor plus at most. I can take notes and organize myself without Siri. I can check the weather without Cortana. I can call a restaurant and book a reservation without OK Google. If I didn’t have time for that then it would mean my life was worse than a robot’s life. So I spend even more time working for my company, great! So I spend more time being absorbed in virtual nothingness instead of trying to build relationships with real people who can in the course of life help me much better than AI. The future is so bright indeed…

  • Shubham Prabhakar Kamble

    Before launching the Surface Phone, they should release all the Microsoft Apps in the Windows Store as UWP Apps which should also include Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, etc

  • Shubham Kamble

    Before launching the Surface Phone, they should release all the Microsoft Apps in the Windows Store as UWP Apps which should also include Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, etc so that it should adjust all screen sizes :-)

  • pege63

    Trus me there will be no more phones from MS!