Surface Andromeda
A concept of Andromeda by David Breyer

Over the last few days, it has become apparent that Microsoft is working on a new Surface-branded foldable mobile device powered by a new version of Windows 10 optimized for all form factors. The device codenamed Andromeda is indeed a foldable Surface device from the Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft that very well could be the long-awaited device.

A internal email that leaked late last week confirmed that Microsoft is indeed working on dual-screen device that is pocketable and brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a versatile computing experience.  The “new and disruptive” product is apparently not launching this year.

A new report from the ever-reliable ZDNet claims that Microsoft has reportedly delayed the launch of the long rumoured foldable or dual-screen Windows 10 mobile-type device. It appears to be a software issue rather than the hardware.

The report suggests that the Andromeda OS bits won’t be added to the final version of Windows 10 Redstone 5 update. Unfortunately, it might not even be available in next spring’s update, which is codenamed 19H1.

Surface Phone concept
A concept of Andromeda mobile device

Microsoft has never confirmed that they were planning to launch a dual-screen device in 2018. By the looks of things, the long rumoured Andromeda may not launch this year but the software giant is not giving up on this concept.

There’s a possibility the device could be cancelled as there’s isn’t a mass market appeal for a foldable mobile device yet. In addition to the aforementioned issues, scheduling and quality problems are to be blamed as well.

The most recent leak involved API code that was found in Windows 10 preview build that revealed five pre-set positions including laptop and book modes for the dual screens device.

Microsoft is keeping mum, which is not a bad thing considering what’s at stake.

On the other hand, Samsung is also working on a foldable phone which could be unveiled early next week.

  • Jose D Sambolin

    If it is not launched on 2018,,,and other like Samsung launch a foldable device,,,again MS will be late..

    • JohnW

      Hopefully it is only a matter of time before someone else launches a handheld WoA device given they can use phone PCBs.

  • WPJ

    So much for the “revolutionary” device. The whole thing as described by the rumors looked unrealistic from the start. Perhaps they’d add a second screen in the form of a touch bar to the next Surface laptop and that’s what the API refers to. No really, it’s impossible to have something like that cost less than 2 grand given that they cannot afford to produce it in volume at the moment.

    I really wish they just continued making great phones instead of inventing things nobody asked for.

    I remember back in the day before iPhone was unveiled how it was hard to find and install software for mobile devices. Other specific needs were in the air, iPhone solved it by cleaning up the mess. But it wasn’t all that much different from the other phones, no fancy washing machine capabilities. Just clean. Ultimately we’re limited by ourselves there, there can be one thousand screens but just one generic human DNA which can only take so much.

  • M Rankin

    Better to have the software be great Then have it eviscerated By the media o day one

  • Like said months ago, it’s cancelled. Get over it.

    • WPJ

      Anything else they’re trying to bring as a replacement?

  • Gn Re

    Even now in 2018 it would still be better to take the lumia device as a starting point for further development.
    What we need is a handy device one can hold in one hand and use other hands fingers for scrolling or typing. If this device can run win10, then M$ will sure lead the mobile market within some years.