Windows 10 for Surface Laptop
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Microsoft appears to be working on new hardware that will be unveiled in the coming years. The report suggests that the Redmond giant is working on foldable Andromeda, Surface Pro 6, HoloLens 2, new Xbox Console and an affordable Surface tablet.

Today, the ever-reliable Microsoft watcher Walking Cat has revealed that the Surface Lingo is the codename of the upcoming device from the software giant, and this follows a previous report from Bloomberg announcing that new 10-inch Surface tablets could be released later this year.

Walking Cat claims that an upcoming Surface device is codenamed Lingo. He adds that the Lingo is most likely a device, while Gibson/Lexington are accessories for it.

Gibson is a TypeCover, and it will launch in Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, Platinum and Black colours. Lex/Lexington, on the other hand, is an unknown accessory that will come in Platinum, Cobalt Blue and Burgundy colours.

Microsoft’s Surface hardware lineup is exciting

All the different reports we saw this week suggest that the affordable Surface tablet will be unveiled in the summer, and it’s going to be a busy year for Microsoft, with the long rumoured Andromeda launching later this year as well.

A minor update for Surface Pro and Surface Laptop is also planned, and a report from The Verge revealed recently that HoloLens 2 could also be officially announced this year.

Surface Pro 6, on the other hand, will be unveiled next year but it will feature a whole new design. It’s worth mentioning that the software giant hasn’t really refreshed the design of its Surface lineup since 2014, so it will be interesting to see what Microsoft is cooking behind the closed doors.

It remains to be seen if the affordable Surface-branded Windows 10 will beat Apple in the tablet market, and out-innovate the iPad design.

The report suggests that the affordable Surface tablet will be unveiled in summer and the Redmond giant could hold a special event to introduce these new Surface tablets.

The next up is Microsoft’s Andromeda, a foldable mobile device, will be unveiled later this year with phone capabilities.

There are several good reasons to consider buying an Surface tablet instead of the other expensive tablet.

  • WPJ

    Well here we are, talking about an iPad killer and at the same time assuming the phone war is lost. Why not assume the same for tablets?

    • M Rankin

      This isn’t just targeting General consumers this is also targeting the education marketing where Microsoft is a big player globally
      schools looking to upgrade their devices and even add the LTE
      it may be a better value long term not to mention expandability

      • WPJ

        But last time I heard, Apple was doing just great in edu.

        • M Rankin

          No they were definitely were losing a lot of shares yoy
          that’s why they got aggressive this time with the iPad

          • WPJ

            Is that a general or a relative loss (in edu)? Because iPad sales were generally down yoy as of late.

          • M Rankin

            general. they were down 13 quarters in a row before finally edging up again in mid-2017 in edu sales.