Back of Microsoft Andromeda

Microsoft’s upcoming mobile device codenamed Andromeda (often referred to as Surface Phone) has long been considered as an innovative Windows 10 device. Microsoft Andromeda is said to be a flagship Surface-branded device with a dual-screen and innovative hinge technology setup.

While the Surface Phone rumour makes the rounds every once in a while but it’s already clear that Microsoft is not interested in yet another smartphone. The company is reportedly working on a foldable device with Windows Core OS, and it’s codenamed, Andromeda.

It’s also worth noting that Surface Phone doesn’t exist, and Microsoft is going to use a different product name for its foldable device when it goes live. Surface Phone was a smartphone, and it’s a thing of the past.

Today, a new report from reliable sources confirmed that Microsoft’s Andromeda is launching later this year. It’s a pocketable Windows 10 device that’s supposed to create a “truly personal and versatile computing experience”.

As expected, the OEM partners are also planning to release similar hardware, and Microsoft’s plan is to create a new category of devices.

Everything we know so far

It’s likely that Microsoft’s Andromeda will run on ARM processor, and it won’t be a smartphone. The device is also not supposed to be a iPhone iller, instead, it will invent a new product category in the typical Microsoft fashion.

Microsoft’s foldable device project is believed to be called internally “Andromeda,” and it’s based on a completely new idea that would contribute to the creation of new device category.

Rumoured Andromeda is based on a dual-screen design and a revolutionary hinge connecting them. It’s likely that the device will be “empowering people to do more,” with the main focus on productivity and modularity. Microsoft is building the device by making no compromises, so it’s likely that it will offer excellent mobility.

The device could be your phone, tablet or laptop, it can server all-purpose depending on the position and angle of the displays. There’s a big chance that it will support phone capabilities and LTE will be offered.

Microsoft could take the wraps off Andromeda sometime this year, but there’s actually no confirmation of this, so everything is still a rumour.

Intel recently showed off prototype foldable device, and the company’s VP also expects similar products to launch by the end of 2018.

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  • Archangel

    A rose by any other name…

    You guys love to say “it’s not a phone” – whether they call it Surface Phone, Surface Mobile, the Andromeda Device, or whatever – if you can make and receive phone calls and text messages (along with all the other mobile PCish things it will do) – it’s still also a phone – calling it a “new device class” or a foldable micro-tablet that can also make phone calls is semantics

    • WPJ

      Not really so (because you could place calls even on a PC, but that’s not its primary appeal) but they could tone down the presentation a bit, with all those “revolutionary” etc because there’s no revolution until it has actually happened. And with Microsoft you never know, there’s a good chance it will flop just because.

  • Trix256

    I just want to see anything concrete around this. I’m all on board Windows but it feels like a dream right now

  • Gn Re

    This device will be a flop because this device will look ugly / too heavy / too thick; we call it in our language “ein Prügel” ( a cudgel ), and it will take too much time until it will arrive at a satisfying software quality level. so I think it will have the same story as the win mobile had. The so called ‘specialists’ in IT specialized literature will have time enough to lough and write their comments, and when this devices will arrive at a good software level, it will be too late. We know the story…..

  • orion100

    No local app = uselles

  • Bespin

    Thank god…. android and ios are brutal and garbage

    Expect many to sell..many