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Windows Phones have been awesome but the platform struggled with things that never allowed it to grow, like the poor management and decisions by Microsoft executives. And of course, the lack of apps. But despite all these announcements and setbacks, there are some people still using them.

Microsoft has pushed Windows Phone as a platform closer to its death. The company has also stopped selling the handset at its online store and removed the mobile related components from latest SDKs.

Microsoft is once again removing mobile related components from Windows 10 SDK, and it’s not a bad thing as the universal platform continues to exist, and evolve.

Mobile Driver in Windows 10 Redstone 5
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Microsoft enthusiast Walking Cat today discovered that the company software giant has deprecated the mobile driver development in latest SDK of Windows 10 Redstone 5. The universal and desktop driver continues to exist, and needless to say, universal approach is apparently better than mobile.

“Mobile” driver development is deprecated in RS5 SDK, its either “Universal” or “Desktop” now,” Walking Cat tweeted. It appears that Microsoft is recommending the developers to migrate the driver to Universal Windows Platform.

Microsoft’s attempt to remain relevant in the mobile world failed

Microsoft has given up on Windows Phone, but the company is still working on mythical mobile device Andromeda or the so-called Surface Phone.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 Mobile with flagship phones the Lumia 950 and 950 XL nearly two and a half years ago. When Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 Mobile, the platform received mixed-reactions as it didn’t seem to be finalized and Windows Phone 8.1 was somewhat better.

Many diehard fans purchased the phones and supported Microsoft’s mobile initiative as they loved the platform, but the software giant treated Windows Phone hardcore fans with nothing but disappointments.

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