Microsoft has already realised that the immediate future of smartphones is likely to go the folding way, and the company is developing the so-called Surface Phone. The foldable phones-tablet certainly makes sense given the fact that the idea of regular smartphones is reaching the peak of its capabilities. While some Android handsets have opted for notched and bezel-less ‘innovative’ designs, Microsoft is thinking about a new device category.

A Microsoft enthusiast today published a new concept which imagines the Surface Phone that will work as both a Windows 10-powered smartphone and a tablet, thanks to a folding screen and hinge. The concept replicates Microsoft patents and the imagines innovative form factors including entirely-closed book-like mode, tablet mode and tent mode.

Of course, these being just concept, this entire conceptual Surface Phone may never even see the light of day, and the actual device if launched would be completely different to what we’re seeing here.

The focus of the concept appears to be the software, Windows Core OS. The talented designer Harry Dohyun Kim says that the device is powered by a fully modular platform (Windows Core OS), and the concept imagines the adaptive user interface, unique input methods and scalable app experiences.

Harry says that the concept is a work-in-progress and this is a teaser for “something greater”.

We’re likely to see an actual foldable phone-tablet from Microsoft soon, and the company is said to be closest to completion of its Andromeda mobile device with Windows Core OS.

Microsoft’s long-rumoured Andromeda

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has already confirmed that the software giant is working on a revolutionary and ultimate mobile device with Windows 10. The Redmond-based tech giant is reportedly working on a foldable device that has already been seen in the patents and it’s codenamed Andromeda, but often referred to as Surface Phone.

One of the latest patent of Microsoft’s foldable mobile device revealed how software giant would be able to determine which one of the two screens is in use. The company is basically using a wide array of sensors to determine the viewpoint of the user, and if the user is looking at one screen, the system will turn off the second screen to save battery. For example, if the device is used in mobile mode, it certainly makes sense to keep the second screen off. The displays are the main battery hogs in today’s life.

It appears that the software giant would use sensors including the accelerometer to calculate the angle of the screens. Such a device would make sense on a foldable mobile device, and it’s likely that the patented technology could become part of Andromeda before it enters the mass-production at some point in the future.

With Andromeda, Microsoft is not only building an innovative device, but also creating a reference device to inspire other OEMs to follow and do even better. For example, Dell is already working on a dual-screen device with hinge codenamed Januss and it could be unveiled later this year when Windows Core OS is ready.

Microsoft applied the same strategy for the original Surface 2-in-1 laptops, and that definitely worked in software giant’s favour.

  • Jorge Roman

    What worries me is the type of protective case that can be placed it will be very difficult to make one that adapts well and correctly to a folding device.

    • I agree with your comment, it also got me thinking, why is it that new devices need a type of external case in order to protect it? Shouldn’t they manufacture provide new devices with an exterior that is able to withstand the environment without excessive wearing and scratching? Perhaps in the future more devices will come from the factory with an exterior finish that is tough enough to withstand it’s working environment without needing additional protection.

    • Protective case = NO

  • SurfacePhone PK

    i am agree about this surface phone conceptual design awaiting since 2012 but never MS declared about surface phone but thanks to other OME’s like Lenovo, Dell, Huawei, Apple & LG put there red chilies in the MS asshole otherwise they ill never launch this technology or any smartphone in the market even they dont have idea to make this sense able things they just can launch worlds shit all over ranged hardware like surface hub 2 surface studio, surface book etc waiting for reall based surface phone Hope Hp will make surface phone folding phone better than any other OEM like previously 2015 he made HP Envy X3 classically designed & High range.

    • Scott H

      I’m all in on a Surface mobile device but the hardware that you refer to as, “shit” are incredible pieces of engineering that set the bar. I’m a huge fan of the Surface Hub. They are the only device that I know of that has seamlessly blended unified communications with collaboration for those in the meeting room and for those who are teleconferencing.

      The only competitors that I know of are Cisco and Google and neither of them are even remotely close. The only time I’ve seen Google’s hardware in use was at Google’s cloud division in Seattle. It was a mess by comparison. If you want a Surface Hub, you will probably be waiting for awhile because the supply is so limited.

      That said, you are welcome to hold out hope for an OEM to make your precious Surface phone. I am all too happy to wait for Microsoft to do it the right way or to not do it at all. Everything that they release has to be a hit or they will never hear the end of it. If it isn’t elegant, powerful and productive, it should never see the light of day.

      • Green Technologies

        i am not talking about surface hub i am talking about surface which is general need surface hub needed but the businessman focused on it but MS ill never ever launch the Surface phone this is prediction since 2012 MS can launch the whole world hardware shits but no surface phone which so craze on all the windows fans but they are irritating the fan every time.

      • just saying

        never reply to someone who type a full load of shite without a pause or comma, and cannot even manage a proper English sentence together.

        • Scott H

          Clearly, that was an exercise in futility.

  • It only will work if it have FULL Windows 10

  • Ефим Баканов
  • i have doubt if it is going to run full windows 10 OS

    • Alfred Soyemi


  • Alfred Soyemi

    It MUST support telephony, not just Data and hope it is not too thick. The full win 10 might be Andromeda.