Microsoft Surface Phone
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Microsoft is reportedly working on a foldable tablet called Andromeda, and the company has already applied for several patents for such a device. It looks like the moment this device goes live might not be too far. In the past few months, the patents confirmed that the Andromeda will feature two displays, hinge and a interesting camera tech.

Microsoft’s Surface Phone is still a dream that’s yet to come true, but according to some recent findings, it appears that the mythical Courier successor will be announced sooner than expected.

A new Microsoft patent published yesterday shows off another foldable device with a dual display and hinge setup, but interestingly there’s a third display on the hinge itself. Microsoft in the patent filing explains that the screen surface of the hinge could display certain information “that is coupled to other screen regions”.

“For instance, a state of a hinge that is coupled between a first screen region and a second screen region may be determined. Information that is to be displayed on a third screen region that is provided on the hinge may be determine based at least in part on the state of the hinge,” Microsoft explains in a patent application.

It is worth noting that Microsoft filed the patent on November 9, 2016.

The information that is to be displayed on the third screen (hinge region) could be virtual control, notifications, time, and messages or call. Such a hinge would make sense when the device is in laptop form factor with one display being located on a surface of an object.

People with knowledge of the matter said Microsoft has been working for quite some time on Andromeda with dual display and hinge setup, which is similar to the Microsoft Courier concept.

Microsoft could announce the Andromeda later this year, and the company could also share new information on Windows Core OS. While the company has remained completely tight-lipped on the project, more information could still emerge in the coming months.

Of course, since Microsoft has never acknowledged the foldable Andromeda or Surface Phone, it could very well cancel it before the public launch.

  • Serpentbane

    Interesting, a quick glance display on the edge with the lid closed would be a great feature. Not having to open the device to look at a simple text would save a lot of hassle. Moreover, if this part also somehow folds inn to fill the gap between the two main displays, making one large display, it’d be even better.

  • WPJ

    Unless they change the leadership and direction it will be a flop. With their current attitude towards the OS I just don’t see them wanting to support millions of whining users for whom the third screen displays something other than they thought it would.
    And really, the patents look more like tying loose ends left after Courier rather than going ahead with a new product.

  • Gn Re

    This M$ management will also destroy this attempt to develop a good mobile M$ based system. The whole mess started when Nadella canceled the Nokia cooperation, because he felt insulted with the cooperation, because he was not asked before he became the big boss. Nadella and his friends are only looking for very quick financial response, they are not interested in any kind of strategic development in M$. So it is more likely they will sell good patents to Google (or others) …. and support them by making M$ software available on those platforms.