Windows Core OS concept in 3D

Microsoft has already confirmed that it will not be making a traditional smartphone with Windows operating system, but the company is set to release a modular mobile device codenamed ‘Andromeda’. The rumours of the Surface Andromeda and Windows Core OS have been encouraging so far.

Although the mythical Surface Phone has been cancelled a while ago, the fans are not ready to give up. A lot of people still use Windows Phone as the phone does exactly what the user need it to do, and Microsoft is releasing security updates on second Tuesday of every month.

Today, a designer posted new concept showing off the features of Windows Core OS running on mythical Microsoft’s Surface Phone. Microsoft’s next mobile device will be powered by the company’s Windows Core OS, a modular version of Windows 10 which is supposed to work on any device.

Andromeda and Windows Core OS are going to reinvent the mobile industry, but to make this happen, Microsoft has to ensure that its next entry into the mobile industry would be a surefire success.

Windows Core OS for Phones concept

The conceptual video shows a customized boot screen which looks similar to Microsoft Surface devices. The lock screen is updated with Live Widgets, Taskbar icons and Cortana which shows reminders, that’s something Microsoft wanted to do. Next up is the login menu with accessibility buttons, although the screen is ported from Windows 10 desktop and it doesn’t make sense on phones.

The start screen is almost same. It has Fluent Design, improved live tiles, widgets, multiple home screen, and the taskbar is at the bottom of the screen. The concept has basically ported Windows 10 desktop features to phones with some tweaks. The multitasking and animation look pretty nice.

In the concept, the phone is demoed with the rumoured capability to run full Windows 10 apps which could be a key feature. The concept has imagined the features expected to arrive in Windows Core OS for phones.

According to the reports, Windows Core OS will power Andromeda and run on an ARM processor so that such a device is able to deliver far better battery life than an x86 device, and would probably provide Always Connected internet capabilities. The dual-screen design may also make it possible to run Windows desktop apps on it.

Windows Core OS is designed to adapt the user interface to the device that Windows is running on, regardless of the hardware. The interface could look a lot like Windows 10 when keyboard or mouse attached, and it would provide full-fledged desktop experience on a PC.

  • NO.

  • Ahmed Hassan

    The idea is a collections of current windows 10 features and concepts, not Andromeda OS features or it’s only windows core features and it’s not related to Andromeda OS , it is still windows 10 and windows 10 mobile has failed before, so why MS insisting to do a idea again.

  • drearyworlds

    This looks like a step backwards. This is akin to the Windows CE days where they were trying to put a desktop on a mobile phone. There should be no desktop on a phone. They are moving away from it even on desktop PCs. Windows 10 Mobile is already a better design than this piecemeal mess.

  • YeahRrright

    Tis ugly

  • Kent Flora

    You’re kidding, right?

  • Wim Kuijpers

    And Xamarin is still the developer tool?

  • 000

    i like it!…i hope in a polished graphic…

  • Hoosier__Daddy

    “would probably provide Always Connected internet capabilities”

    An always connected phone? Never saw that coming. Then again “probably” means it might not be.

  • Brancaleone

    Always imagined, never released.

  • Chris H

    Well, Windows Phone 7 was better than the same vintage iOS. Windows Phone 8 was better than the currently available iOS. Windows 10 mobile was better than the iOS was at the time and none of that helped with adoption. No matter how good this is, it isn’t going to compete because Americans have the entrenched idea that Apple is cool, Microsoft is not and that apps are everything. Apple will use their financial and legal muscle to prevent advanced web apps (or Progressive Web Apps) from taking off because they make vast quantities on money on their proprietary apps. They will inhibit technology advancement for years to keep to status quo and their grip on the consumer market.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Yep. Windows Phone was a fresh breath and is still better than Android regardless of the app gap.

      • Kevin Waldroup

        I do think the device call project AND Advanced note-taking device.

  • Kevin Waldroup

    lol Andromeda is the os lo l the Name of Tablet-phone is Surface Journal and Smartphone Surface note Smartwatch is Surface Watch

    • Mayank Parmar

      AFAIK, Andromeda is the codename of both mobile composer and the foldable device itself.