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Microsoft’s Terry Myerson yesterday in a goodbye letter admitted the mistakes that led to Windows Phone’s failure. In the farewell post, Myerson shared his thoughts on failed Windows Phone platform. Today, another Microsoft executive Brandon Watson, former Senior Director for Windows Phone in a series of tweets blamed the OEMs and carriers for the platform’s failure.

Brandon Watson was responsible for developer platform product management for Windows Phone operating system and he believes that the OEMs support could have saved the platform. Watson also blames the carriers for providing no support to Microsoft’s Windows Phone. He also admits that it was almost impossible for Microsoft to beat Android or iOS as the manufacturers were not embracing it.

“Windows Phone died because it would have been almost impossible to beat Google or Apple without carriers and handset manufacturers embracing it. We got second string devices and almost no support at the carriers. They couldn’t keep burning money to please Sisyfus,” he said in a tweet.

Yesterday, Terry Myerson shared his thoughts on failed Windows Phone platform. He also admitted that Microsoft couldn’t catch up with its rivals, although Windows Mobile was one of the pioneers in the competition against Android and iOS.

“Enabling mobile connectivity was a key focus of Exchange. Android launched that September. But what I remember most vividly, was the Friday when Andy Lees and Robbie Bach asked me to lead Windows Mobile. I knew we had so much work to do on our non-touch no-app-store Windows Mobile effort. I was honored, and more than a little terrified. Ten days later my office moved across campus,” he said.

“We innovated in phone user experience. We had innovative plans for the business model that never came to light. We worked hard. Really hard. But the industry moved forward faster than we could catch up,” he added.

Windows Phone had its very own strong points and of them was the tile interface that Microsoft developed with proper attention. It goes without saying that everything failed due to the fast growth of Windows Phone rivals, and Microsoft’s mobile efforts weren’t enough to make a competitive solution.

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