Android on Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft gave one last attempt at revamping Windows on Mobile experience with the launch of new flagship the Lumia 950 and 950 XL in 2015. While Microsoft is still leading in innovation, the company has given up on Windows Phones.

Microsoft has confirmed a while ago that the company won’t release any new feature updates for the Windows Phone. A developer has however found a solution to bring Lumia 950s back to life. Developer Ben claims that he has managed to boot Android operating system on Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL.

As you can see in the video below, Android boot screen is running on this flagship Lumia 950 XL. In other words, the developer has managed to hack his Lumia 950 to install and boot Google’s Android operating system. This isn’t the first time a developer has installed Android on Lumia phone, but for the very first time, a Lumia 950 is hacked to boot a new operating system. As Lumia 950 XL is a flagship phone the performance would be pretty good.

So how did he do that? Unfortunately, details are not available at this point but it’s likely that the guide will be published soon. At the moment, it’s not clear if all features such as phone calls and data connectivity work correctly.

Microsoft’s poor team management and developers not being committed to the Windows Phone contributed to issues that never allowed Windows 10 Mobile to grow. Microsoft always delayed new features for their phones, and due to a number of issues, the developers were no longer interested in Microsoft’s mobile platform. Windows Phone eventually failed and all these issues pushed users to the rival platforms.

Myerson recently admitted that Microsoft could have saved the platform if they had acted fast. Microsoft just couldn’t catch up with its rivals.

As with every leak, take the Android on Lumia project with a healthy dose of scepticism, especially because Android won’t be as stable as Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia, but the Play Store support could still help some users.

Translation of the below tweet: Happy April Fool’s Day (this is true).

Is this an April Fool’s Day Joke? Maybe or maybe not.

  • DoruMarcel

    950 lack in performance as to 8.1 ?! Really ? Dude , what are you smoking?!

    • Paul

      I agree. My 950xl rocks. And, as far as performance, it still equals most phones released 3 years later.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Edited :)

  • Praxius

    So we see less than a second of the screen showing the android logo below the Microsoft logo and then nothing else as they pull the phone away from the camera right after it comes up….. And we’re supposed to be impressed and not believe this isn’t just a custom boot screen being used? You know, the boot screen carriers usually use with their logos like Vodafone does right before the Windows 10 Mobile logo comes up?

    I still call BS on this. If I at least saw the actual OS boot up it would be a bit more believable, even if nothing really worked.

    • Nikola Nikolov

      Trust me – this Tweeter is a really good developer. Either this is an April Fool’s joke which explains the titles but is highly unlikely. The Android logo is probably fake but the blue screen with the phone being detected by fastboot isn’t.