Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10 Mobile
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A while ago, Microsoft in a series of tweets confirmed that the Windows 10 Mobile operating system is on life support and the development of the platform has finally sunk in. The coverage of Windows Phone’s death is quite popular lately, the company recently put the final nail in Windows 10 Mobile’s coffin by removing the mention of the mobile platform from the new version of Windows 10 SDK.

The software giant has also stopped updating the important first-party applications such as Photos app for Windows 10 Mobile, with the last update released 7 months ago. Today, Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10 Mobile is receiving it’s biggest update on the Fast Ring, and here’s the full changelog.

New interface

The app version is 2018.18011.13438.0 and it revamps the entire interface, the layout of the homepage has been changed, with the Select and Settings toggle moved to the top of the screen.

New edit tools

Microsoft is finally introducing the new editing tools, you can now enhance your image with special effects such as Sauna, Slate and Sunscreen. Similarly, you can now change the Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Tint and Intensity of the photos.

Scribble on your photos

Windows 10 Mobile’s Photos app is also getting the ability to draw, scribble, and write on the photos. This feature is amazing for creativity on your Windows Phone but only if it has supported the Surface Pen.

Other changes

  • Customize the preview (thumbnail) of the folders.
  • Full-Screen support.
  • Homepage marks the videos with a play icon.
  • You can now add images to an existing Collection.

To download this update on your Windows Phone, make sure your device is enrolled into the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program.

  • M Rankin

    Do you no if you can still set favorite as a tile option :) thanks

    • Pallav

      Looks like the function got removed or it’s broken in this update.

  • shalin pather

    This could be a hint- it might be worthy digging in the code and looking for clues of Andromeda

  • Gn Re

    Since latest update feb 10th 2018 foto app on elite x3 is horror. Some functions can be found on landscape mode only, and functionality is garbitch at all

    • Pallav

      Try running the Photos app with Battery Saver enabled, that seems to speed up things a bit.

  • ger.

    An update for the Photos app (2018.18011.13532.0) rolled out today. It reverts back to the original app format. While I liked the new layout and features of 13438, the app was VERY unstable with bugs in the Edit feature and Album display (portrait mode). I was hoping today’s update was to fix those issues. Unfortunately not.