After shutting down production of the Lumia devices about a year and a half ago once in a while we all realized that Windows Phone have no place in Microsoft. But deep down we all have that beacon of hope that Microsoft have some serious plans for Windows Phone.

But so far nothing. And day to day the Market Share is shrinking rapidly. After putting Windows 10 Mobile development in the maintenance mode last year, there was a very very small number of enthusiastic fans purchasing Windows Phone in Q4 2017 from various OEM (HP, Alcatel). But now Windows Phone having a less than 1% of market share in most markets.

NetMarketShare one of the most advanced detection technology shows that 0.15% of the smartphones out there are Windows phones. And as you expect Android is at the top of the list holding 68.63% Market Share. You can check detailed report here. Maybe in a year or less Windows Phone category will merge with Others.

So it’s needless to say Windows Phone was buried alive. Recently Microsoft also confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile Insider Program is dead because “plans change”. As users are leaving the platform and no new features are planned, so it does make sense for Microsoft to stop spending resource behind Windows 10 Mobile Insider Program.

Even Microsoft already acknowledged this and selling Android phones on its own store. So the last question to all Windows Latest readers out there “Are you still using Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile as your primary device?

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