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We’ve known for a while that Microsoft doesn’t care about their mobile platform and Windows Phones fans because the platform wasn’t able to generate enough revenue. Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft last year officially announced that no new features and devices were planned for Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

Earlier this week, we spotted that Microsoft’s Program Manager for Windows Insider quietly confirmed the death of Windows 10 Mobile Insider program. While answering the questions, Microsoft’s Jason Howard also added that Windows 10 Mobile Insider program is dead because ‘plans change, such is the nature’.

It’s worth noting that just a few months ago Microsoft senior executives promised to keep the Windows 10 Mobile Insider program alive. Unfortunately, the plans have changed, and now Windows Phone is no longer part of the Insider program.

Since the user base is shrinking significantly and no new features are planned, it makes sense for Microsoft to shut down the Windows Insider program for Windows 10 Mobile, and it’s not surprising by any means.

Not only the Insider program, Microsoft is also planning to abandon Windows 10 Mobile by end of next year. In next two years, only security updates will be shipped to Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft’s focus has been shifted from Windows Phone to Android, with Belfiore himself recommending users to switch to Android or iOS if Windows Phone fails to meet their needs.

With that being said, if you are looking for apps, Android is your best bet, but if security is your priority, you should still stick with Windows Phone.

  • Peter Paul Johnson

    Microsoft has betrayed Alcatel and HP Companies

    • meh…

      This is why TCL has put Android on Alcatel phones, and went all-in on BlackBerry Mobile devices. Their Android offerings offer far more promise than anything Windows Phone/Mobile can offer at thistle point.
      HP, I really feel sorry for because they really tried hard to make something that could make a difference in the mobile landscape. The X3 was a unique device that could’ve made a change in the market, but because of Microsoft hampering the progress of the device and HP’s general unwillingness of market and deal in carriers with the device itself, it died a slow, painful, unheard death. What a shame.

  • Jens

    And they betrayed us mutiple times. A promise from MS is worth nothing these days.
    I won’t forget that.

    • KNERDY

      And why i am slowly moving to 100% Linux

  • Ryszard Krauze

    Just woundering what will make companies and users to trust MS again. As for me, whatever they will show, they’re so much dead at mobile market.

    • KNERDY

      Nothing. Satya the mole is killing the company. I am slowly weaning completely away from Microsoft products, and 100% Linux. I am even researching a Linux base Mobile os to use.

  • Ron

    Something from MS is dead because plans change? What an astonishing surprise!!!!!!

  • Mel & Omah

    Must be why my Lumia 640 fell off the program somehow and I can’t rejoin without looping “Join” and “Restart”. My Lumia 635 (512MB) still belongs, but last update was to 15254.158 for both.
    Fortunately, both are running great. So happy with my $30 phones. They do exactly what I want.