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If you have been following the recent news, you must be knowing that Microsoft has killed its music streaming service, Groove Music. Regardless of that fact, it seems that Microsoft is continuing to push updates for the Music app as it is the default music player on Windows 10.

The Insiders on the Fast Ring received an update for the Groove Music app.
It basically focuses on revamping the UI and making the Fluent Design better which is clearly noticeable in the playback bar which is more translucent now. The control buttons have been moved above the seek bar, which in case of the old versions was found beside it.

You can spot the difference here.

groove music
Old UI
groove music
New UI

The update does not bring any other noticeable changes other than the regular bug squashes and fixes. Other users can expect this update soon.

The decision of Microsoft pulling plug from the music streaming came to be a heart shattering to the dedicated users of Groove Music. Microsoft did not mention the reason clearly of cutting of Groove, but they did say that Groove Music wasn’t providing “the best streaming service” and “the largest catalog of music.” The service with a lesser number of contents was also available at a higher rate than when it was compared to the top music streaming services including, Apple Music and Spotify.

Groove could never become popular, and maybe one of the major reason being the small audience of the Windows Community. Depending on other music streaming services is all the users can do now, as Groove Music is nothing but a simple music player as the purchases shut down.

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