Windows RT on Lumia
Image Courtesy: Gustave M

Both Windows Phone and Windows RT have no future in Microsoft’s vision, Windows 10 Mobile is dead after the update released in April 2017. Not so long ago we reported that the new version of Windows Phone Internals tool is available, allowing users to unlock the bootloader of their Lumia Windows Phone handsets.

Developer Gustave has now managed to install the tablet-oriented Windows RT operating system on a Lumia 830. Installing Windows RT on a Windows Phone device is a challenging thing to do, the developer has however managed to do that on a Lumia 830. Gustave on Twitter shared a screenshot showing off a Lumia 830 with Windows RT installation process running.

Gustave is yet to share the workaround that would allow us to hack the phone to get the full version Windows RT operating system running. It’s worth noting that the touchscreen might not work on a Lumia with Windows RT as the drivers are not available to make the operating system usable on a small-screen device.

Developer Blaze has also managed to run Windows RT on a Microsoft Lumia 950. Some other developers are also working on this project, the guide will be released soon, it’s probably just a matter of time.

Windows Phone Internals Tool opens a new door to further customizations, allowing users to unlock the bootloader of Lumia phones and install custom ROMs.

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