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Back in 2015, when Windows 10 Mobile mattered for Microsoft, the company planned to bring Android and iOS apps on its Windows Phone, which obviously was a pretty big deal, given the fact Windows Phone is dead as critics had claimed that the apps available on Windows Phones pale in comparison to their Android and iOS counterparts.

In case you were hoping/expecting Microsoft to bring back the Android app emulation on Windows 10 Mobile device again, Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager on the Windows Insider Program yesterday confirmed that the company is not bringing Android app emulation to Windows Phone again. “No, we’re not bringing Android app emulation to Windows 10 Mobile,” Brandon LeBlanc tweeted.

Not so long ago, a Windows Phone user posted on the Feedback Hub requesting the Redmond giant to bring back the Project Astoria, as it would give unsupported Windows Phones a new life. Microsoft engineer later faced criticism when he responded to the feedback without even reading it.

Don’t get your hopes down as the developer is testing a new version of Windows Phone Internals tool, it will basically allow you to install custom ROMs. Technically you will be able to install Android operating system and its app on your Windows Phone.

Windows Phone Internals Tool will bypass SecureBoot on modern Lumia Windows Phone, this allows “custom ROMs, Mass Storage Mode, Root access and many more hacks to all Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10.”

  • Matt Rundle

    “No we’re not bringing Android app emulation to windows 10 mobile” the whole point of having that in the first place was to narrow the so called app gap which was the issue with windows phones and there were few issues i hear, nothing surprising though with an EMULATOR
    I fail to understand what the point of the insider program is there are some really passionate people with brilliant ideas that want this product to work. Again the wrong people have the power and the money.
    Gosh ,they’ve treated users badly a long the way and releasing another new project will help who and how?

    • M Rankin

      It really wouldn’t worked out well cause a lot of the apps require Google play to work properly. And IOS bridge has been more fruitful Instagram was made using it I feel more than have went under the radar.

  • Don Muthu

    Fuck Windows mobile os ….I want Android application in my lumia 950 dual…. please upgrade Android 0s….window phone is really dead os….

    • byu

      I don’t understand why people worry about apps? they are apps on your tiny phone. windows apps can download and compatible with pc, can you use android apps on pc?
      apps stay on your tiny screen for you to play with.
      another question is those people worry about number of apps. I want to how many users installed all of those 2 billion apps from play store on a single phone and how many they user daily. any clue?

  • Jane Mcclure