Microsoft on every single occasion claims that Windows 10 is built with customer feedback. Since Microsoft launched the Windows Insider program in 2014, the company has changed the way it tests Windows operating system and how it collects feedback.

Last year, Microsoft launched the Feedback Hub for all Windows 10 users, including the non-Insiders. This allows Microsoft to collect even more feedback but the Redmond giant is hardly paying attention to the users’ feedback.

Recently, a Windows Phone user posted a feedback on the Feedback Hub, requesting Microsoft to bring back the Project Astoria, as it would allow the users to run Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Without even reading the user’s feedback, a Microsoft engineer today responded to the feedback.

“Reopen Project Astoria, please. Make Android apps available on Windows 10 Mobile. It would be a perfect gift for community and for people who still wants to stay on Windows 10 Mobile devices. This move would prolong Windows 10 Mobile life for people who care,” the Feedback reads.

“We heard your feedback about how much you wanted this and as announced earlier today, tap to pay with Microsoft Wallet is now available in build 14360 or higher. Microsoft Wallet is a cloud-based payment technology that will make mobile payments simple and more secure for Windows 10 Mobile devices, starting in the U.S. with our Lumia 950, 950 XL and 650, and usable in over a million retail locations; anywhere you see the contactless payment symbol or the Microsoft Wallet logo at the point of sale,” Microsoft engineer replied.

As you can see, Microsoft’s response has nothing to do with the feedback. If Microsoft really wants users feedback, the company needs to pay attention.

  • Matt Rundle

    I was always keeping track, heard they were doing this and was excited to try it out course, I didn’t intend on my current phone and I was disappointed to be quite honest in their decision.

    I don’t think it was right not everyone had chance to have their say.
    An emulator was never going to have top performance, they did warn people and it wasn’t forced, you had options to go back , as far as responding to feedback goes they weren’t great with communicating.

    I can remember when they stopped it, delayed it for they were like “oh its not ready we’ll hold it back”
    ok thanks for letting us know, never heard anything for a few months and then “oh we’re gonna kill it off”.
    No we are “sorry we got your hopes up, so we’ll reimburse you in some way as a good cause”.
    Advertising these products was a mess and is still a mess no communication no signs of wanting to promote it.
    Course they treated users on older phones not very well, not allowing upgrades 1 minute they’re saying they’re working on w10 for older phones.
    “its not good enough for these phones and then blaming it on all negative feedback again there were options to go back you could upgrade whenever you wanted to you have the option to not upgrade and just go out and buy another phone it’s taking the option away Thats wrong.
    The way they went about Killing skype, ahh now you can’t sign in thats wrong.

    Which kinda goes back to what Microsoft said and what this article goes into cause its “supposed to be”about the users and what they are asking for not just what the company wants. What they think people want, it didn’t work before and people didn’t like them and it hell ain’t working now!

    “Microsoft on every single occasion claims that Windows 10 is built with customer feedback. Since Microsoft launched the Windows Insider program in 2014, the company has changed the way it tests Windows operating system and how it collects feedback”.
    Is this the case with them its a hard one!

  • maybe it’s just a stupid chatbot ai that answer..

  • cmolinap

    I wonder, what Microsoft negotiated with Apple and Google, under the table, to kill the project Lumia?

    The Lumia phones are not good … they are excellent! And with the Astoria project, the number of apps would have been more than enough.

    Then why kill them? There is only one explanation … this was an agreed death. Now, Microsoft is making apps, that really make sense, that really are useful, to Apple and Google.

    Don’t help me, Compadre…!

    • jack

      They weren’t selling enough Windows Phones even though they are great. I have one and I will never buy an Apple phone so I may have to switch to Android at some point when my current old phone quits working.

      • Arq Victor Romero

        But there are some phones out there and we want them to keep useful; the least MS could do for we all that trusted in W10M is to keep us interested on the plataform with that project.

    • do the right thing

      Totally agree. If anything, bringing back this project would actually increases windows phone sales, not the opposite. I’m a windows phone user and very disappointed about MS over this. My only other guess is perhaps Google is not willing to go with this idea.

    • Gn Re

      As i heared, the reason is, that mr nadella did not vote for the nokia cooperation when he was not first decicion maker at M$, so he did revenge when je became first boss.

  • KA

    Totale bullshit. Microsoft absolutely pay no attention on customer feedback. Microsoft ignore it.

  • Gn Re

    M$ seems never to listen to user feedback. Their behaviour is absolutrly prepotent.
    Just remember the story about onedrive offline / online files and directories. They cancelled it and did not listen to users for almost 5 years before bringing back old functionality.

  • Gn Re

    Very interesting also, that nadella said one of reason to stop lumia was, because m$ is not a hardware manifacturer. Well, same conference he showed much to love xbox!!

    And now they talk about bringing some foldable device. What a bullshit.