Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 as easy to use as possible, and the company is now working on a new Cortana search layout that would enable easy search navigation. A leaked video has revealed the new Cortana search layout which now uses a window-sized floating search bar to show the search results.

With the new search interface, Microsoft is improving Cortana’s keyboard-based searching, allowing users to make use of the screen and get detailed search results. You can also activate Cortana floating search with Windows Key + S combination and results is same you’d find from Cortana search bar in the current taskbar on Windows 10.

While at this point this feature is part of the latest Insider build, the video shows how the digital assistant Cortana provides an easy search experience on Windows 10. This feature will be released soon and it will make Windows 10 search more like Apple.

Microsoft is also testing a new feature called ‘Follow Me’ where Cortana would provide guide navigation in Windows to new users. Microsoft uses a blue circle to guide users to find appropriate settings and it relies on visual prompts.

The new Cortana search layout is still in the early stage of development and before the public release of Windows 10 Redstone 4, Microsoft will add more new features to Cortana and improve the search interface. What do you think about Cortana’s new search layout? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Arch Stanton

    I disable Cortana as the first thing I do with every Win 10 install along with the security center and Windows Defender. Replaced with 3rd Party Firewall and Virus scanner.
    Microsoft is self serving. Meaning they send information through THEIR firewall that they have no business knowing.

    Beyond that….
    If Cortana launched local programs without the unreasonable necessity of going online then I would use it.
    But, in the usual lack of privacy that Microsoft throws in your face it has to get a knowledge of what files are on your PC and deems it necessary for Cortana to be online to use.

    BTW, I don’t use Google for voice or personal information searches either so this notion that Google and Apple does it so it’s OK for us to do it too is nonsense.

    Microsoft was a trustworthy company as far as it’s delivery to customers and when they hired this Socialist, Indian CEO life changed direction.

    They have also been caught in the NSA cookie jar so there you go.

    And before you start screaming conspiracy all you have to do is look what passes through your Firewall when it’s not run by Microsoft.

  • Giovanni Andrew Roverso

    it’s so… bright