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Trekstor yesterday launched the crowdfunding campaign for its WinPhone 5.0, a mid-range Windows 10 smartphone. Since Microsoft acknowledged that Windows Phone is dead and is in maintenance mode, we were not expecting any new Windows 10 phone in 2018. To everyone’s surprise, the German company is now looking to raise €500,000 for its Windows Phone from the fans in just one month.

In an interview, Simon Wiedemann from Trekstor talks about the company’s new WinPhone 5.0. If you still want to stick with Windows Phone platform, Trekstor’s WinPhone 5.0 is for you. He explains that the WinPhone 5.0 is a replacement device for your old Windows Phone.

“Continuum surely is a factor, but we also see this as a replacement device for users of other Windows Mobile phones and therefore there is a factor of convenience when switching phones. Same reason why other users stick with their OS even faced with inferiority,” he says.

Speaking about the goal of 500,000, Trekstor says that ‘this is lowest feasible number’. “We calculated the necessary amount to recover our cost for this product, which ended up around 2,000 pieces/users. Given early bird pricing and other variables, we fixed the goal at 500k,” he added.

The Trekstor WinPhone 5.0 is actually receiving a better response than the WhartonBrooks’ Cerulean Moment. The WinPhone 5.0 is definitely a good replacement for Lumia 650, and if you are interested, you can back the device from here.

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