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Last week, Microsoft unveiled Surface Book 2, the company’s new ultimate laptop with the full version of Windows 10. The Surface Book 2 is coming next month in two variants; 15-inch display and 13.5-inch display. As Microsoft announced the Surface Book 2 in a blog post rather than a dedicated event, the company couldn’t detail the design of the ultimate laptop.

Yesterday, Microsoft published a new video where Peter Kyriacou and Dan O’Neil give an in-depth look at the look-and-feel (design) of the Surface Book 2’s hardware. Recently, Microsoft’s Panos Panay also detailed the design of the ultimate laptop, he praised the new hinge used in the Surface Book 2, the new hinge not only improves the stability of the hardware but also enhances the look.

In the new video, Microsoft praises the improved dynamic fulcrum hinge as one of the most enchanting parts in the ultimate laptop, the new hinge improves the detach mechanism and as Panos Panay explained in an interview, the Surface Book 2 detach mechanism is more reliable and fast than ever.

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As the new hinge arm has the ceramic material, it improves the stability of the device, meaning that unlike the first-generation Surface Book, the new device’s screen won’t shake when the keys are pressed.

Microsoft recently released the earnings report revealing that the company is finally making money from the Surface business. Now as the new Surface Book 2 will be available starting November, the Surface business will make more revenue.

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