Microsoft today declared its quarterly earning for the third quarter of 2017 this calendar year. The company’s Surface and Cloud Service like Azure helped Microsoft to grow in the 3rd quarter.

The company has reported a total of $24.5 billion revenue which is an increase by 12% from last year. This number was against the expected number of $23.56 billion predicted by analysts.

The main revenue for the Redmond Giant came from its Cloud business which accounted for $6.9 billion which was an increase of 14% YoY. The company also gained from the Office Commercial products which increased by 10% YoY this quarter with an overall increase of 13%.

Another area which helped the company revenue , is the growth in the Surface Revenue which saw an increase of 12% due to the successful sales of Surface Laptop. Gaming revenue also saw an increase by 1% due to the increase in Xbox service which saw an overall increase of 21%.

The Server revenue grew by 17% which includes increase in Azure revenue by 90% and rest 2% saw an increase in the server revenue.¬†Windows OEM also saw a growth of 4% which includes an increase of 7% in Pro and Windows Commercial products.¬†Overall results prove that the company’s time and energy in Cloud and Surface products is giving them desired results as of the third quarter of this year.