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When Microsoft officially started rolling out Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update, the company revealed that the old Windows Phones such as the Lumia 930, Lumia 735 are no longer supported. The Windows Insider program, however, allowed the unsupported phones to receive the Creators Update but Microsoft blocked the official way to move up to the Windows 10 Creators Update, as a result it wasn’t possible to install the latest cumulative updates from the production because the device is on the Release Preview Ring.

Yesterday, Microsoft advanced Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to Release Preview Ring (only for desktop) and today it appears that the unsupported phones such as the Lumia 1520, Lumia 930 with Creators Update installed can now (officially) stay on the production just like the latest Lumia 950 or HP Elite x3. However, it will only work if your Windows Phone is already running the Creators Update (you would have installed it via the Insider program).

If you will leave the Insider program, you will now receive the latest production build 15063.674 on your Creators Update phone (Lumia 1520, 930, 830, 735). However, it is still not possible to update to Creators Update from Anniversary Update without the Windows Insider program.

Let’s try to make it a bit easier for you to understand. If your phone (Lumia 1520, 930, 830, 735) is at the moment running the Creators Update, you can stop receiving the Insiders build and acquire the production status that lets you advance your phone to build 15063.674. Right after restarting the phone, the build 15063.674 will start downloading to your phone. It may not be a big deal in terms of features but it is going to help in the long run as now the old phones will be supported until the spring of 2019.

Lumia 930, for example, is a very old phone and it’s a great news that the phone is now going to be supported until 2019. Microsoft will drop support for Lumia 930 after 5 years of launch, even Google isn’t planning to support the Pixel Android smartphones for more than 3 years.

  • eternal

    You misunderstand it. Read the source once again

  • Pablo HP

    5 years compared to Android that supports for only 3 years.
    And there are people who still say that Android is better just because it has more apps.

  • Cesar

    Excuse me, but how about Lumia 640 and FALL Creators Update? I’m already on 10.0.15063.674 Production, and never joined the insider program. I know that it’s no longer supported, but is there any other way to get that FCU? I already have the phone interop-unlocked.

  • Hello, I’m just trying to activate Windows Insider program on a Lumia
    830 (currently on Anniversary update). But after sign up, to the program, I just have a button “get
    started” and when I click on it, I go to a text page, I can’t choose the
    However, the account is currently linked to the insider program.
    I tried to restart the phone, connect to wifi and look for updates…. I’m stuck at the same point… :(

  • I am stuck on 10.0.15063.608
    release preview:
    September 12, 2017
    And would love to move to creator build 10.0.15063.786 or fall creator build with my Lumia 930. I cannot stop with the insider program. I have downgraded it to release preview but can’t leave somehow. What options do I have, besides a factory reset and clean install?