Surface Phone, the mythical device once predicted to launch this year isn’t expected to arrive until 2018. As there’s been a lot of rumours and speculation about what the Surface Phone would look like. A designer has created a new concept video that gives us a glimpse of what the most-anticipated ultimate mobile device could look like.

The designer has already imaged the Surface Phone and he has created a new concept to show us the ultimate mobile device with Windows Core OS and foldable body. Formerly Codenamed Andromeda, in the concept the Surface Phone runs Windows Core OS, a new modular OS that brings the improved version of Windows 10 to mobile devices.

The back of the ultimate mobile device resembles the look of Microsoft Surface Book and it has a unique foldable body, when unfolded it becomes a tablet-sized device. The design sketches the desktop-like-interface for the Surface Phone and it also shows support for emulation of Win32 applications on ARM chipset. It has a hinge just like the Surface Book, the hinge helps the device to fold or unfold.

The other features of the ultimate mobile device include Snapdragon 850 processor, 8GB of RAM and 3D touch display. Another interesting feature imagined in the concept is the Studio Mode where the Surface Phone connects to the Surface Studio with a Dock.

Back in May, Microsoft CEO Satya confirmed that the company will make more phones that won’t resemble the look of a simple smartphone. The concept is the perfect example of a 3-in-1 unique mobile device. What do you think about the concept? Let us know in the comments below.

  • faisal


  • 000

    GUI possible…


    Keep on dreamin’. :(

  • Hyperiox

    I have been waiting a long time for a laptop-replacement phone… but if it’s ARM emulating x86/x64, then I will lose interest quickly. Must be a proper processor, so I can run more complicated desktop applications and truly replace a work laptop.

    • Waldemar Wosiński

      This emulation on Snapdragon 835 is already very good. Minimal overhead. But only x86 32bit.

  • Endorphin

    Take my money.

    • TheObserver

      You forgot “Shut up” :)

  • Pablo HP

    Microsoft could launch a simpler version that was not dual screen. I think we’d have a good acceptance. I’d like to see a device like that.

    • Jose

      I can understand wanting a single screen to make it more affordable and easy to carry. However, there are already so many fantastic smartphones on the market, and I don’t see a single screen version really standing out. It would just be another OS to choose from, when great, and familiar options already exist. Phablets have failed to bridge the phone/tablet gap because they are unwieldy and run crippled OS. This device could finally deliver on the phablet promise, by giving you a fully developed OS, in a form factor that IS both portable, and still gives a usable screen size that allows real desktop kinds of work.

      • Pablo HP

        well, in virtue of political strategies of Microsoft, not even Core OS will make me have an Microsoft phone again. They lose, and are loosing consumers for google. Google wins, and no one product of microsoft are better than google products.

  • The woes of mobile for MS began when they failed to replicate the desktop experience on Windows phone for many being the best they know. It is imperative they don’t fail this time. I do feel the 2 in 1 is the form factor that might bridge the gap required to make it so.

  • Jose

    If this device became reality, and gave a Surface book experience with performance at least equal to an older I3 based Surface Pro 3, I would be ready to pay more than IPhone money for it, right now. NOTHING on the market could compare to a TRUE all-in-one device like that. The tablet size/capability of the folding screen makes it perfect for a business traveler needing to access O365 to do REAL work in the field. Couple that with plugged in mouse/keyboard, and we techs. and sys. admins could do full remote system administration in the field. If it could actually use the surface dock, I wouldn’t even need a laptop anymore. Just get a dock for home, and use my existing multiple displays and extra wired mouse/keyboard with a surface phone locked down with AD security policies. I see a HUGE market for this device. It would definitely need at least a decent camera too. Just something that is a competent point-and-shoot, and can do clean 30fps video. Sweet lordy I hope this thing really does come to exist.

  • TheObserver

    This is pretty great. Very, very plausible and inspired. Apart from some exaggerations and/or arbitrary specifications, this is a suspiciously good job design-wise. Both in hardware and in software. Color me impressed. This could put Microsoft strongly back in the game although there is still the problem of apps and the unification of Microsoft’s software ecosystem.

  • hjj2qtzb443qs

    Ugly, but has an idea