Microsoft and the executives have already confirmed that the company is still committed to mobile and will probably make more phones. The rumour has it that Microsoft’s next will be from the Surface team and it will be called Surface Phone. Not much is known about the mythical Surface Phone while reports and even patents have revealed that the Surface Phone won’t be a simple smartphone.

Speaking with MarketPlace, Microsoft CEO Nadella had confirmed that the company will make phones, “I’m sure we’ll make more phones, but they will not look like phones that are there today,” he said. In his new book Hit Refresh, he again hinted that Microsoft will step into the phone market when they have something innovative.

AAWP spotted that Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar is holding a dual-screen device at the Ignite 2017 conference. The picture is clicked by Microsoft’s Jen Gentlemen that shows Dona Sarkar working on her Surface device and she is also holding a device that looks foldable with dual-screen.

Is this a Surface Phone? No, it was a bad guess. Microsoft’s Jen has clarified that it is actually an iPhone in a wallet holder. “It’s her wallet, which has a section to hold a phone,” Gentleman writes. Microsoft’s Brandon further adds that Dona Sarkar is responsible and she won’t carry an unreleased Windows Phone with her to the public event.

Not only Joe Belfiore but Windows Insider Program head Dona Sarkar is now also using an iPhone. Microsoft Corporation co-founder Bill Gates recently revealed that he is using an Android phone with lots of Microsoft software.

Surface Phone is reportedly coming next year along with Andromeda phones from top vendors such as HP, Dell. As Microsoft has a good track record of cancelling devices before its launch, the existence of Surface Phone and the new modular OS is still uncertain.

  • StoryFirst

    Do we care anymore? I was with Windows from the initial Windows Phone (an HTC with a keyboard) to the latest lumina devices… When the 950 packed up I moved to Android and the OnePlus… Haven’t looked back… What point is a Surface phone if Windows Phone is dead? I have the Microsoft apps. That is it.

  • ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠

    Lol! The ‘Surface Phone’ was actually an iPhone. Windows Phone is dead as the dodo!

  • spec

    No point making another Windows phone. First there’s a app shortage that people won’t put up with then there’s the whole issue of Microsoft taking to long to release software you used to ha e, something that’s still evident on both desktop and mobile Windows, 10 platform. 1 years to get a weekly calenders view back or 11 moths to get our linked email options back is a joke. Hell edge can’t even open to my default home page unlike almost every other browser in existence. Then there’s the let’s screw over loyal Windows mobile fans buy not only rebooting 7 to 8 and 8 to 10 but let’s take away their free OneDrive storage, all 15 gig and gifts e android users 100gig free. Let’s not forget that they abandoned the user buy not releasing premium device and not supporting wireless pay.
    Does Microsoft even deserve another shot. Fro. My point t of view they don’t. I love live tiles it’s the best and apart from lack of support for cortana and plex and Netflix she’s still my favourite assistant, both android and iPhone can’t do location reminders. When I pass Tesco my phone would remind me to get milk lol but Microsoft has screwed the pooch to many times now.

    • meh…

      I also remember that every time they rebooted Windows Phone/Mobile, they stripped features that set the platform apart. Remember Threads? Remember Hubs? Remember the Me Tile? Those were the days…. Even then, in the “heyday” of Windows Phone, it still wasn’t quite up there because of the app support, but back then, it was forgivable, because Microsoft had features that differentiated the platform from everyone else. But now, it’s another “app for that” OS, and that’s why it’s failing harder than BlackBerry 10 OS did. At least BlackBerry tried until it just didn’t work anymore, then adopted Android, spun it off to TCL, and made a second life for itself by becoming a software + services firm, with a secure Android line, in conjunction with TCL and Samsung (Knox is a watered down version of BlackBerry’s BES.) I think Microsoft needs to re-think their Windows Mobile strategy, pick if they want their mobility systems to stay or die, and then, market the living piss out of it, if they do. I think Windows Mobile can actually be saved, if they pull their collective heads out of their asses to get it off the ground. Rebooting an operating system 4 times inside of 5 years isn’t the way to do that. They’re cutting off their nose to spite their face. I’d love to see a reborn Windows Mobile with a focus on getting shit done, and marketing the piss out of their system. I’d love to see Windows Mobile on flagship devices outside of the Lumia line. It’d be awesome to see a Galaxy S8+ on Windows, provided they support the OS and actually update it, unlike the HTC One M8 with Windows. This is pretty simple stuff if you ask me. Finally, don’t let anyone fragment it like Android. Windows Mobile lives and dies by market share on the latest firmware. If you’re not on the latest firmware, you’re out in the cold like the Surface owners on Win RT. Come on, Microsoft, you know better than this. Windows is supported and runs x86 programs from more than a decade ago. Learn your lesson and get a move on!

  • TomDee

    Too bad. After a very long time of consideration I finally yielded, abandoned my last Lumia and got myself a Samsung Galaxy S8. The device is ok, I quite like it, but the OS is garbage. I enjoyed using Windows Phone although it was clear that its development had stopped a long ago. A shortage of a million apps meant nothing to me, only missing one or two bothered me, but usability of Windows was way better than Android in every aspect. The difference is massive and there is no way they could fix the shortcomings with simple tweaks. I also use iOS and it is ok and while I do not particularly adore it, at least it is consistent, which is kind of a cornerstone of usability.
    Will I buy a Surface Phone if it materializes one day? I am tempted to, but I would also like to see MS to show some evidence of long term commitment. If I don’t see it, I will buy an iPhone and stop expecting a phone to be fun to use.