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With no new Windows Phones in the market and Microsoft’s Lumia phones have cratered, the existence of Windows 10 Mobile operating system is questionable. Microsoft has sidelined Windows 10 Mobile platform in favour of new Andromeda OS and as a result, the existing devices are no longer getting any major changes.

While pundits have already declared that Windows Phone is a dead platform, Microsoft and the executives are still against of this statement. When Microsoft’s senior program manager Brandon LeBlanc was questioned about Windows 10 Mobile’s condition, he replied and confirmed that the platform continues to “exist”.

“Windows 10 Mobile continues to ‘exist’,” he replies to a frustrated user. It’s a fact that Microsoft hasn’t killed the platform yet and they wouldn’t do so until the Windows Core OS (Andromeda) is ready.

In the past, Microsoft has laid off thousands of employees as its attempt to “streamline” its smartphone hardware business. Microsoft is still planning to re-enter the mobile business with its Surface Andromeda mobile device and the new operating system. While Android and iOS are ruling, one should not forget that Windows 10 Mobile platform is the system closest to delivering the PC-like experience on mobile when connected to a monitor, all credit goes to the Continuum feature.

As hardware poses another problem for Microsoft’s mobile efforts, the Redmond-based company has partnered with big vendors such as HP, Dell to launch smartphones with Andromeda OS. A great hardware with excellent software is being tested by Microsoft, if the Andromeda OS doesn’t impress, then it will be the RIP time for Windows 10 on Mobile.

  • eternal

    will you post an article each time someone says that “WP continues to “exist”

    • M Rankin

      well it’s news :)

  • Anonymousl

    People and the microsoft fans only know to keep bashing Satya for the failure. yet i know that it was that the platform had NOT been popularize so much. Such beautiful and flexible start screen YET i hardly to find any designs or artwork that shows or promote windows feature. Do you ever think of any brillant idea to revamp windows phone UI? NO, so you would expect people to know windows? Seriously now go and get to work. Draw out the windows tile and redesign and post it everywhere be it create a facebook group or post it in deviantart. Only rainmeter and xwidget are doing their job. BUT how about you all? dear windows phone fans.I have an idea, Lets make tiles be materials(rocks, wood, glass), windows is not dead and it will be like Nokia returning from the ashes! Still long to go for window phone to die.