Image Courtesy: Windows Central

Instant messaging service WhatsApp with over one billion users is the world’s most popular social messaging service. Security experts in China have confirmed that they have blocked the world’s most popular messaging app, WhatsApp in the country.

The block started with users unable to send videos and photos and later the text messages also faced issues. It was later confirmed that China has actually blocked the messaging app across the country. It appears that it has been more than a week since WhatsApp services stopped in the country while it continued to work for some users.

The decision is taken just before Communist Party meeting. Last time, China also disrupted WhatsApp ahead of Communist Party meeting and later the service was restored. It is however not confirmed whether or not the restrictions will be relaxed in the coming days, although it is highly unlikely this time.

According to one of the Cryptographer, the country had most recently upgraded its firewall to detect and block NoiseSocket protocol which is used by WhatsApp to send text along with blocking HTTPS/TLS which is used by the Messaging app to send photos and videos.

The country had earlier banned Facebook in 2009 and WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook has also now been banned in the country. Currently, there is no comments received from WhatsApp on the Block and we are awaiting any more info on the same.