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It’s been a while since Apple launched the hand-off like feature for the OS X. The Windows developers are one step ahead of Microsoft. The Redmond giant is still internally testing the feature while the company recently released an app to linking feature support for Android and iOS.

The similar third-party apps for Windows 10 are significantly better than Microsoft’s linking app for Android or iOS. Hand Off is a new app for Mobile, PC and even HoloLens that brings all Windows 10 devices closer.

To some extent, Hand Off basically lets you continue the task on your PC from where you left off on your Windows Phone. Let’s take an example, you are reading a web page in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile and the phone’s battery is extremely low or for some reason you want to read the website on your PC. This is where Hand Off comes to rescue, it will let you load the web page on your other Windows 10 device within seconds. All you need to do is click on the share option in Microsoft Edge and select Hand off on the app selector.

It comes with another interesting feature, Remote Dialler. You can trigger a call on your Windows Phone from your PC! Furthermore, the clipboard feature lets you share the text content between your devices. Here are the key features of the app.

  • Share the URL of your current page in Edge to continue browsing on another device.
  • From Groove on your phone, hand off to your PC by sharing an Album or Artist to view it on your PC or vice versa.
  • Share an app from the store to quickly get to the store listing on another device.
  • Share a location you found in the Windows Maps to view it in the maps app on another device.

Download Hand Off for Windows 10.

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