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Microsoft has patented “3D Camera” for its upcoming mobile (Surface Phone) and the Surface 2-in-1 device. The patent, however, focuses on smartphone or tablet, it shows an interesting feature of 3D Camera that lets you draw, gesture and text. As the patent is designed for smartphone, it could be possible that Surface Phone may come with the 3D camera technology.

Patent & Trademark Office published the new Microsoft patent earlier this summer. Microsoft has lately patented many technologies and design such as the foldable display. The new patent is all about the 3D depth camera for the company’s upcoming smartphone or even a tablet.

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The 3D camera will let the user manipulate an on-screen radial menu, Patently Mobile explains. Furthermore, you can also use a stylus and the 3D camera will be able to capture the input even if it is written by the user. However, it should be written in front of the device on a plane surface so that the 3D camera could recognize the input. This, after all, makes sense as Microsoft is already selling the Surface Pen but it seems the 3D camera will be compatible with the special version of the Surface Pen.

The 3D camera will only be able to recognize your input if you use any object such as a stylus, finger, or pen. Patent filings don’t always translate into products for the market but if this becomes reality, the Surface Phone will definitely rule the smartphone market.

  • Marios Michael

    Looks like a projector..

  • Bespin

    On table projection (active)

  • eternal

    Stop using the name Surface Phone. This is just one of their many patents that can or can’t be used in future products.

  • hjj2qtzb443qs

    “the Surface Phone will definitely rule the smartphone market.” LOL