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Microsoft has filed many foldable tablet/phone patents and even the Surface Phone is rumoured to arrive with a foldable display. The Lenovo’s new device gives us an idea on how the Surface Phone would look.

Lenovo has demoed the foldable phone/tablet concept at Tech World 2017. Lenovo Folio is a device with a bendable display. It has a 7.8-inch display (1920 x 1440) and it becomes 5.5-inch when folded.

Lenovo Folio is powered by Qualcomm’s Xiao Long 800 processor and runs Android operating system. Lenovo notes that the device’s battery life extends when it is unfolded. Furthermore, it uses the e-SIM technology which is also rumoured to be used on the Surface Phone.

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Surface Phone could also function like the Lenovo Folio. Microsoft is trying to optimise Windows 10 for small-screen devices with CShell.

The device is still a concept but it might soon become a reality. Lenovo could also unveil a Windows 10 variant along with Android. Do you think the foldable devices would be the future of smartphones?

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